We invest both in global startups as well as startups in India. Following are the characteristics we look at while evaluating startups.

Invest Early:

We typically invest in startups at pre seed, seed, pre-series A stages. That is where we believe our capital and mentorship will be most effective. We prefer companies that have implemented their prototype and show good customer traction.

Disruptive Technology:

We focus on companies that are at the cutting edge of technological innovation, disrupting their industry with technology and bringing more convenience and efficiency to consumers.


Companies must show that their unique product meets both a distinct market demand and an identified customer segment. To be able to become market leaders, companies must also be able to estimate the market size and have a strategy to capture market share over the next 5 years. Early stage startups looking to disrupt an existing market will need to have the ability to assess customer needs and adjust dynamically.

Competent Team:

A strong team with complementary skills and a hustler mindset is unraveled. We value founders and management that strive for capital efficiency and have a preference for the right unit economics.

Competitive Edge:

The founders and team must identify their prime key advantages over competitors and maintain a strong strategy to build on those strengths over the next coming years in case of increasing competition.

Value Creation:

We aspire to support entrepreneurs and at the same time focus on long term wealth creation for our investors. We are looking for scalable companies with a well-defined group of market players who might be interested in the company offering an exit to early stage investors. It would be essential to have a clear road map that outlines important milestones and the methods for reaching them.

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